EB3a UPS fail and shorts

I received my EB3a last week and am very happy with it.

I have, however found that the device doesn’t provide constant power like a UPS is intended to do. I’m not sure why, but the power will stop being distributed, then it will continue working again. It does this intermittently at times. I checked on the app when this happens, and it shows 0 from the grid at times, thus 0 on the AC output. Is the UPS part faulty? Note, the grid does have power when this happens as all other plugged in appliances/lights at other outlets, still work.

Additionally, at times it will do this and display “Short”. When this happens I have to manually reset/restart the AC section.

The loads running on the device are never more than 150w.

This even occurs when the loads are less than 100w.

This is frustrating as I have a monitor and laptop connected to the EB3a and when the power stops, the monitor switches off while I’m working.

The “Short” is a somewhat common issue with the EB3A. You may want to search to see what others experienced and if they found a solution or if the unit has to be returned to the seller for repairs:


@ARC Will it report short with other loads?
EB3A as a backup UPS device with 20ms switching time. Carrying computers or other precision instruments may be interrupted.


I sent my EB3A back for a replacement and I’m happy to see the issue I had before does not occur anymore. I believe the 1st unit I received had a fault.

That’s encouraging. 2 or my 3 EB3A have the dreaded overload problem, 2056.12 DSP didn’t help. They are on the way back now.