EB3a UPS fail and shorts

I received my EB3a last week and am very happy with it.

I have, however found that the device doesn’t provide constant power like a UPS is intended to do. I’m not sure why, but the power will stop being distributed, then it will continue working again. It does this intermittently at times. I checked on the app when this happens, and it shows 0 from the grid at times, thus 0 on the AC output. Is the UPS part faulty? Note, the grid does have power when this happens as all other plugged in appliances/lights at other outlets, still work.

Additionally, at times it will do this and display “Short”. When this happens I have to manually reset/restart the AC section.

The loads running on the device are never more than 150w.

This even occurs when the loads are less than 100w.

This is frustrating as I have a monitor and laptop connected to the EB3a and when the power stops, the monitor switches off while I’m working.

The “Short” is a somewhat common issue with the EB3A. You may want to search to see what others experienced and if they found a solution or if the unit has to be returned to the seller for repairs:


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@ARC Will it report short with other loads?
EB3A as a backup UPS device with 20ms switching time. Carrying computers or other precision instruments may be interrupted.


I sent my EB3A back for a replacement and I’m happy to see the issue I had before does not occur anymore. I believe the 1st unit I received had a fault.

That’s encouraging. 2 or my 3 EB3A have the dreaded overload problem, 2056.12 DSP didn’t help. They are on the way back now.

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Sad news. I now have the same issue again with the replacement unit. The eb3a will randomly switch the AC UPS off, which will make all my devices lose power (output is never more that 130 watts. Averages 80 watts). Then a second later, the eb3a will click on again and power will be distributed again. This happens randomly over the course of the day. My eb3a powers my monitor, so each time this happens, my monitors goes off. I can hear the clicking happening when I’m not in the same room as the eb3a. Occasionally when this happens, it may also not turn back on automatically, like it normally does, and reads “Short”.

Battery reads 100%

I will look at trouble shooting the device and removing all connections etc.

Same issue here.
Unfortunately I’m in a road trip and i can’t run my fridge anymore…

Are you having an “overload” error when powering a small load in UPS mode? I know some EB3A including 3 out of 5 of mine had this issue back in March 2023, but they may have found a fix by now.

You should reach out to BLUETTI support via email and see if they have a firmware update that may (or may not) fix your issue. They may be able to push a custom firmware for you.

I will reach out to them about a possible firmware update. Thanks.

Good day. This will be my final update.

After experiencing the UPS failure on my 2nd returned eb3a, I sent the device in to the supplier. They indeed found a fault with it, and over the course of 3/4 months, sent me my 3rd replacement. The replacement I received was a refurbished unit, that failed to switch on at all. Frustrated by this, I opted for a refund all together.

To summarise my experience, I still believe the e3ba is a great device if not for its problematic UPS feature. A UPS should not fail or trigger the device to switch off and on.