EB3A Update Issues

Hello together,

I tried to Update my EB3A to DSP v2052.10 but my App Said „Communication issue“. Since then, the EB3A Shows 0% capacity and the App says That the current Version is v0.
I Cant User my EB3A anymore but i Need it so Bad in 2 weeks due to a Festival visit… please help me

Exactly the same happened to me after upgrade to v2052.10. What is now to do Bluetti Care ?

Ditto for me - it is a rather large paperweight now

Solution That worked For me:
I trief the Update several times with an Android Tablet and After the 5th attempt it was successfull. The powerstation was 50% charged but showed 0%. So i charged it further and After it reached 50%, the Input Power dropped and stopped charging.

@bluetti_startledemugmailcom @bluetti_steenlynetde Is your phone IOS system? This issue is being urgently fixed. You may be able to update to version 2.02 tomorrow. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Version 2.02 at IOS is now online. But unfortunately for DSP only v0 is shown and no update furthermore is offered. That does not solve our issues. Same at Android v2.02 :rage:

Thanks for your feedback. I can see that your problem has been solved here. Firmware update bricked my EB3A - #5 by bluetti_steenlynetde