EB3A unresponsive, 100%, no warning notifications, AC output still active

The unit was being used for the UPS functionality in an office. After some odd issues over the last few weeks I came in to evaluate and I connected an APC UPS to the EB3A output. Everything was working so I left and checked back a couple of hours later.
The AC button was off/unlit. Pressing any of the buttons had no effect so the display remained off.
Oddly the APC unit was still functional and not beeping, so it obviously was still getting an AC supply despite the AC button being ‘off’.
The unit is unresponsive unless the 12V or AC inputs are connected.
As a test I activated the AC output button and then kept cycling through the light after I connected the AC input and the display came on, with SoC at 100%. This was to ensure the display did not go to sleep.
After about 1 minute 5 seconds the display and the AC output button cut off BUT the AC output continued to supply 110V (same as the input voltage).
Tried to repeat this but with using the DC output button and it cut off at about 6 seconds. Despite not enabling the AC output, there was a tiny 2V output from the AC output, maybe that is irrelevant.
There is NO display of the word ‘Short’ or any other red warnings/notifications.

I just provide support for that office, I did not purchase the units. The units would have been ordered around July/August 2023.
Considering the brief time it stays operational it seems extremely unlikely that a firmware update is possible.
So just to confirm, is a return the only option?

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@Raj1 May I have the SN and the firmware version of your EB3A? I will check if there is a suitable firmware for you.

Finally got the unit from the office.
Serial is EB3A2323000292361
Firmware version for ARM 2062.03 for DSP 2056.13

And this time it cut off around around 30 seconds. If a firmware upgrade requires more than 15 to 30 seconds, that might not be a viable option.

@Raj1 You can update the firmware to DSP 2056.15 to test.

Unit cuts off too quickly for the firmware update.
Will contact the Support team via email to explore options.
Thank you for the responses regardless.

@Raj1 I’m glad that the firmware upgrade did not solve the problem. Thanks for your update.