EB3A - Temp Warning at 99-100% charge status

Hey there,

I have just charged my EB3A with the original cable via wall socket. To my surprise it gives a temp warning and stops charging at 99-100%.

Does anyone know what’s going on? It didn’t do that before the firmware update a few weeks ago and I am pretty sure it isn’t overheating.

Usually I charge the PS via a solar panel (Bluetti 68) and while doing so it doesn’t give the temp warning either.

You can see the current firmware installed below.


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@Zesus For the temp warning, we suggest shutting down the machine, putting it in a cool and dry place for a while, and then restarting it to see if the alarm disappears. If this issue can’t be resolved, you can contact the support for the warranty.


So, this can’t be fixed by a firmware up- or downgrade? I have almost completely discharged and fully recharged the unit via the wall outlet and again, it stops charging with the TEMP error at 99%.

I’d like to avoid a shipment to you for repair or replacement, because I don’t have the original box it came in anymore…

What temp and environment are you placing the EB3a in while charging? If shaded and at room temp, are you charging on Turbo or std? The Turbo mode is a little flakey regarding temperatures. If you are charging on Turbo or Std, try silent mode and see if the issue is still present.

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Hey, I’ll try silent mode and report back. Thanks!

As for the other questions, I’ll just charge in my flat at room temperature. The unit isn’t covered by anything or exposed to sunlight. I start charging after depleting the battery though. Every setting is at default.

It’s just a wild guess, but lately I noticed a humming sound pretty often, as if the fan would like to spin, but it doesn’t. The fan appears to be okay though, as it starts to spin here an there. The unit should be pretty much free of dust, as it has been stored in a bag during the winter (bought November 2022).

Is there any chance, that the recent firmware update has broken the fan management?

The fan power supply makes a humming noise when starting and is a known issue from introduction. More of a pulsing, buzzing electronic sound. I replaced my fan with a high quality aftermarket fan with no apparent improvement. No fix at present. The eb3a is fairly temperature sensitive when charging immediately after a higher wattage discharge. There are times when you have to wait for the unit to cool before charging begins.

Honestly, I can’t believe Bluetti can’t fix the fan management and/or temperature management with another firmware update.

Silent Mode seemed to do the trick as the unit could be fully charged even directly after discharging. Thanks for the suggestion. Even if it isn’t that much satisfying as I want to use the unit as it was intended. Wouldn’t mind if just the fast charge would be bogus, but regular charging should work just like that.

Is there any chance Bluetti is (still) looking into this issue?

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@Zesus If the firmware before the upgrade doesn’t have this problem, I think we can try to go back to the previous firmware version. Please provide me with the SN.

@Zesus Thank you. I have submitted the request. If there is any update, I will let you know.

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Thanks, meanwhile I’ll delete the post with my S/N.

The EB3A do not have the best cooling. The fans are effective but the software seems to resist turning them on. In fact, the fans will not run in UPS mode at all, and allow the device to overheat (at least on current firmware), and the fans do not run once the device shut down the to overheat. My solution is to tape a 60mm USB fan on to keep it cool in UPS mode. If you are using it as a UPS at temp above 28-30C, you will need to do this or it will overheat and never charge.

When charging, or inverter discharging, the fan will run. But if you are charging from low SOC in a warm area say 25-30C, the unit will overheat just before it reaches 100%. It will cool down after 15 min and resume charging and fill up to 100%.


How do you open this up without breaking it to replace the fan? I want to add a switch to override the fans internal temp control to be able to force the existing fan on, without having to tape a fan on the outside.

I opened my case to replace the fan but I would not recommend others to do so. The fan is not causing the noise, it is the fan power circuit that is creating the buzzing and vibrating noises.

@Bluetti I have no idea what I am talking about as I am just a consumer and I like your hardware, but couldn’t your smart people in the technical department just make the fans more happy to spin?

Speaking for me, I wouldn’t mind the additional noise in return of a unit working as expected during the summer.

Please make it happen.


I don’t mind the noise, I just want it to turn on in UPS mode as mine overheats in UPS mode and the fans don’t spin unless it is charging or in inverter mode. So I want to add a parallel power flow that is controlled by a rocker switch I can reach from the outside.

What’s is the best way to gracefully open up the box?

remove the rubber feet on the bottom and remove one screw from each hole. Fairly easy to do other than figuring out how to stick the round rubber feet back on. If you peel them of very carefully, the adhesive will still be there and you can simply stick them back on. There is one wire connector to the wireless charger that needs to be disconnected from the top piece but other than that it comes apart easily. However…I would in no way recommend or encourage anyone to open up their unit and modify…

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hi can you please tell me your firmware version where the fan does not run at all in ups mode? I have the opposite problem, it runs in UPS mode and I would prefer if it didn’t because of noise.