EB3A: TEMP fault when AC input cable just connected and battery 100% without any load


New device. First time it won’t to charge more then 3% because TEMP fault on AC input in any modes: without eco, silent charging, etc. After some time it start charging up to 100% but witgout any loads and connected AC input it also show TEMP fault…

What is a problem? EB3A2242005928241

@88sia88 , We recommend that you put the machine in a cool place to rest for a while, and then turn it on to see if there are still errors reported TEMP

@BLUETTI Error disappeared every time after i turned off the machine even it still in the same place. But then i turned on, and after some time the TEMP error repeat. And when the fan start working the air cool

Hi there!
My idea is, as I own 2x EB3A, to keep the Power Station connected to the Grid for at least 24 Hours without switching it on!
This is my Standard Problem Solver…

Thank you for advise. So you don’t uae it like UPS?

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Sure I ist it as a combination of UPS (during the night) and Solar Power Station (when sun is shining)…
I realized some Problems with the Display and already had a lot of ‚errors‘ like TEMP or SHORT…
Don‘t care about the Display!
Be sure to load the Power Station each day constantly for Hours…
I User a time Controller plu …