EB3A Stopped working on first use

Bluetti - man this is a TERRIBLE experience.

I ordered an EB3A about a month ago for an upcoming trip (which I’m currently on) so I could work remotely during the trip and charge devices etc.

I tested everything on on the device and panels when I got it, and everything worked beautifully. I checked it the day before I left and everything was working, made sure I charged completely via AC wall outlet, and updated all software/firmware.

When I picked up the panel the next day (when I was leaving) the blue handle broke in half completely, and now there’s just a big piece of plastic for the handle (no big deal, but given what I’m going through now this seems to indicate an overall lack of quality).

Today - one the first day of my camping trip, I hooked up my laptop charger to the device and all was working fine, so I thought… It seemed to drain the EB3A faster than I anticipated - so I thought I’d hook up the solar panels (which I had previously tested and were working at the time). I plugged them in - and 0W input. There’s some light cloud coverage, but not enough to get 0W input. I moved the solar panels around to multiple different locations and layouts - no dice.

I have an AC plug in my vehicle so I started the car and tried to plug into, and nothing. 0W input.

I then drove to a retail location so I could borrow some power to charge all my devices, an again… 0W input.

I give all this context to say - I’ve tried everything. No problem I thought -just a bad battery somehow… Inconvenient, but solvable… Until I realiezed Bluetti has 0 after-the-sale service.

I’ve tried calling their ‘customer service’ line multiple times, emailed them, messaged them on several socials; nothing. Their voicemail greetings on their phone mentions to leave a message, but their mailboxes are full (presumably by people just like me) on both Tech and Customer support lines, so I can’t even leave a message.

This is an absolute DISASTER of an experience and I’m hoping someone from Bluetti reaches out to me to help me resolve it.

Hi @petex82 , We felt sorry for inconvenience caused. Phone service or email service has been on overload lately.
Therefore support may not be able to respond to your message in a timely manner.
But please don’t worry, may I know your email address or related order information? You can send it to me via the private message button.
That way I will check with the support department and have them prioritize your email.

Look forward to your reply and please accept our sincere apology.