EB3A solar panel compatibility

Can someone help confirm if this panel will work with the EB3A?
The EB3A specs state:

  • OCV: 12-28V
  • Input Current: 8.5A MAx
  • Input Power 200W Max

The renogy panel says:
Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 2 x 5.85A
I’m not sure how to interpret the 2x for the Amps.

@diffbluetti This solar panel is suitable for EB3A. one panel is sufficient.

Thanks for the reply. When you say “one panel is sufficient” do you mean only plug one of them in? There are two physical panels in a “suitcase” arrangement

That panel would work fine, but the model without the PWM waterproof charge controller would be better. You do not want to use a panel connected to a charge controller but directly from the panel to the EB3a. the (2 X 5.85) denotes that the Renogy panel is actually (2) 100 watt panels rated at 5.85 amps each. You will see an absolute max. of 160 to 165 watts in any case with the EB3a regardless of panel choice.

I have the same Renogy 200w suitcase and when I plug it into my Eb3a I get a b01 error. Any ideas?

Sounds to me like the two 100W panels are connected in series configuration putting the Voc over 40 and it’s too much for the EB3A. Just my guess…