EB3a solar connecor

What type of solar input connector do I need for the EB3A. My solar panel has a USB type A output so I’ll have to make up a new cord.

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Hi @xaja34

Charging your EB3A with a USB connection (even with a new cord and plug) will not work. Standard USB only deliever 5V, PD delievery ports sometimes 9V. To my knowledge, EB3A needs at least 12V to start charging.


If your only panel option is a USB type A, I suspect the wattage output available to charge your EB3a is not sufficient to provide satisfactory results in any connection configuration. Way too small.

The eb3a uses MC4 connectors and a 7909 barrel plug (aka 8mm). A trickle charger solar panel isn’t going to be sufficient for this application.

Thanks Everyone !!!

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