EB3A Solar charging question - Noob

Hi all, i am new to this portable battery and solar charging.

My EB3A just arrived yesterday (my first one), and weeks before some one gave me a Bluetti PV120 solar panels.

My question is, I think i am missing a piece of 8mm connector that connects the solar panel to the EB3A, can you some one please point out what exactly would I need to so i can charge with the panels?

I mean i think i need a MC4 (8mm) connector, but when it gets the different gauges (10/12/14), i begin to get confused with to what i would need to be save. Please advise.

You’re right, you’ll need an MC4 to 8mm adapter. There’s many on Amazon you can pick up, like this one: SolarEnz Solar Connector to DC8mm Adapter Cable 12AWG

Congrats on your new EB3A and panel :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

I wonder why you couldn’t get one at bluetti’s website.

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They’ve been backordered for a long time over at Bluetti, with folks waiting 3-4 weeks for them to arrive. I’m glad I got a different brand earlier because when my Bluetti MC4 to 8mm finally came in, I didn’t like the thin grade of wire they used. I’ve been using the BougeRV ones that came with my solar panels, though I did also buy that SolarEnz one also.