EB3A Solar charging question - Noob

Hi all, i am new to this portable battery and solar charging.

My EB3A just arrived yesterday (my first one), and weeks before some one gave me a Bluetti PV120 solar panels.

My question is, I think i am missing a piece of 8mm connector that connects the solar panel to the EB3A, can you some one please point out what exactly would I need to so i can charge with the panels?

I mean i think i need a MC4 (8mm) connector, but when it gets the different gauges (10/12/14), i begin to get confused with to what i would need to be save. Please advise.

You’re right, you’ll need an MC4 to 8mm adapter. There’s many on Amazon you can pick up, like this one: SolarEnz Solar Connector to DC8mm Adapter Cable 12AWG

Congrats on your new EB3A and panel :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

I wonder why you couldn’t get one at bluetti’s website.

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They’ve been backordered for a long time over at Bluetti, with folks waiting 3-4 weeks for them to arrive. I’m glad I got a different brand earlier because when my Bluetti MC4 to 8mm finally came in, I didn’t like the thin grade of wire they used. I’ve been using the BougeRV ones that came with my solar panels, though I did also buy that SolarEnz one also.

@Jayling - would a D050S DC Charging Enhancer be needed for this?

No, I believe the Charging Enhancer is only for the higher end models. According to their website:
B230/B300/EB150/EB240, AC200/P/Max

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I ordered my EB3 a few weeks ago as a kit with the 120w solar panel.

They shipped the solar panel 1st and then 2 days later shipped the EB3. The box containing the power station was labeled as a 120w solar unit. This meant they packaged the required 8mm to MC4 adapter within the box.

So in other words, when you order the two items as a kit they include the adapter.

I doubt this is helpful to you but subsequent readers may be concerned that they have to source the cable elsewhere when ordering the set.

Now if only they included the car adapter…or had it in stock in Canada…

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