EB3A shuts down with 32% on the display

My EB3A shuts down with 32% charge left on the display. When this happens, I have to plug it in via AC or solar to be able to turn the unit back on.
Reading the posts, looks like I have to drain the unit down to 0% and recharge back to 100% to ‘reset’ the display.
If it keeps on shutting down without getting to 0%, how do I reset the unit?
I am using an electric fan that draws about 42-43 watts to try to get the charge down to 0%.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

thank you.

@sunpower The EB3A may have a problem, I suggest that you can contact the after-sale support to repair it.

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Ok, I will give them a call.
Thank you.

hi have you tried to reset the unit by pressing the the DC and AC in the light button together at the same time I hope that works for you good luck

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@sunpower I’m glad to help you. Hope your problem can be solved ASAP.

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No, I have not tried this one. Thank you!!! :+1: