EB3A “SHORT” when on grid power, dead when unplugged from grid

Unit is 5 months old. I don’t use any of the DC outputs, just one AC outlet to run a small appliance overnight. I charge during the day via either solar inverter or generator as my AC input. Today I noticed that when I turned off the solar inverter (AC input to the unit) the EB3A went completely dead. I restored AC input, and it comes back to life showing 100% charge, but shows a red “SHORT” indicator on the LCD panel. This is completely out of the blue. Unplug again and unit goes dead again. Plug it back in and it comes to life, still with SHORT indicator.

I tried playing around on the app and when I have DC output turned on, I have the SHORT indicator, and turning off DC output the SHORT indicator goes away, but still the same behavior that when unplugged from AC input, the unit goes dark/dead.

I read here on the forum, and found that there were earlier similar problems solved by a firmware update. The app shows my firmware is up to date.

Any idea?

@Pat.sharp You can contact the customer service and provide them with the serial number, and they will send you the firmware to upgrade. If it still can’t be solved, they will offer you another solution.

Have same problem. Unit is 7 months old. always used indoors. Checked every couple of months to recharge. Plugged into 120 wall socket power today, unit came ready. Attached cell phone to charge via USB. Red “SHORT” msg lit on display, unit powered down about 5-10 seconds after. Updated Firmware via app… Unit turned off, will not come back on. Have unplugged from AC power, waited over an hour, tried turning back on…no response from any of the 3 power buttons.