EB3a Short error from PC Start-up

Unit working fine, this is more a question of an appliance.

I have a PC 5600 + RTX 3070, RM850x PSU

If I try to switch this on plugged into the EB3a I get a “short” error every time

If I plug in the main to the EB3a so it works in UPS mode, the PC starts and when I unplug the power to the EB3a the PC keeps running fine.

I am assuming the PC has a huge initial demand on the EB3a that it thinks is a short?

Any advice on how to configure this?

Would heavy lifting help with this or would it even hinder it?

Hi @PeteS , have you upgraded the firmware to latest version please?

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What is a PC 5600 + RTX 3070, RM850x PSU and what is the power requirement to both start it and operate it?

Yes, it was updated via the app.

It is a computer and those are the main parts.

Max power usage just starting it up is 160w, and have checked this with a power meter.
The maximum the PC could ever pull is under 400w according to the max TDP of the components.

I am wondering if there is a transient spike power draw on start-up and am trying to find out if others have had this.

UPDATE - I found I had Power Lifting on, disabling this via the app fixed the issue and now the PC boots just fine on the EB3a.

Maybe the EB3a sees a spike and treats it like a resistive load.