EB3A Quiet Charging not completely quiet

I recognize that in quiet charging mode the idea is to restrict the power being delivered from the grid to the battery cells and this restriction is around 100W to 105W of power. However, the fan turns on and off periodically not being completely silent throughout the charging period. Could the next firmware update try to find that sweet spot of maximum charging with zero fan turning on? Perhaps @80W at room temperature? (just guessing).

Hi @j13lee ,
Whether in normal or silent mode, as long as the machine’s charging and discharging power reaches a certain value, the fan will start

The fan will also start when the internal temperature of the machine reaches a certain value, and when the internal temperature drops, the fan will automatically shut down

Thanks for the response and I totally understand the thermal limits need to be cooled. Would be nice to be able to manually set my charging limit so that the unit can charge at a lower rate so that the unit is no where near the thermal limits and thus achieve “silent” charging. As an example, when I charge via Solar at around 80w, I notice the fan doesn’t kick in as much to the point where I don’t notice this on again off again fan frequency/intervals.
As it stands now, this silent mode charging is not useful and I’ve got back to normal charging so that I don’t have to endure the fan interruptions over a longer period of time.
Thanks for reading.

I hope they can offer custom AC charge rate settings via a future firmware and app software update, it’s something that has been requested in the past (and something I’d like to see too :slight_smile: )

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