EB3A PV Input socket not working at all

Have had EB3A for a few months now. Has recently stopped charging from both car charging port and/or solar panels. Doesn’t even register anything plugged in to the PV input socket. Charges find from AC input. Have reached out for support and heard nothing from Bluetti. In Australia

Sorry to hear about your problem, just posted a new article about my issues with Bluetti Australia, we don’t seem to be the only ones, their CEO promises the world in a recent video but here we are both having issues.

Hopefully our issues are heard but not holding my breath.

Time for legal action I feel!

@JJJ You can use a multimeter to check whether there is voltage at the DC input port. Maybe there is DC input port is faulty. You can provide me with your order number and I will contact them to help you.

Thank you. My order number in BLUETTI-AU9305

I have tried to email them and place a repair request through the app but have heard nothing. I need this fixed or replaced ASAP.

@JJJ Thank you for your information. They will contact you ASAP. By the way, please check if the emails were sent to sale-au@bluettipower.com successfully because they didn’t receive your request.