EB3A Price Drop. Do we get a refund?

I purchased an EB3A from the website when it was $249 and another for $239 on Amazon. Does anyone know if Bluetti will be sending a refund for the overage now that EB3A’s are on sale for $209?

No refunds will be automatically sent. If you e-mail sales (bluetti sourced) with your order number they will process your refund. “I have seen in other posts” If you message (sourced from Amazon) the vendor in the amazon app. they will process your refund. Two separate processes.

I also ordered the EB3A’s from both Amazon and the official website. I sent an email to service@bluettipower.com about a price difference refund on July 16th, but so far haven’t heard back from them. Through Amazon, I sent a message to the Bluetti seller on July 16th, and they refunded me yesterday.

Same, a refund was issued via Amazon when I contacted the seller Bluettti!


Thank you for sharing this information. I just requested a refund. Once the refund is processed I’ll be buying a spare EB3A.

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Just wanted to report I received a refund from my order from the Bluetti website and from Amazon. Both showed up as credits to my charge card.