EB3A Overloads in Powerlifting mode, even on AC with UPS

was curious if anyone else is seeing this. I have an E3BA with powerlifting mode on, and I’ve now tried a ton of various devices at various wattages but I keep getting overload errors.

Basically it seems at just over 600watts or so it gives up, even when I’m using UPS mode… Which I thought would be “passing through” the ac directly, and thus the inverter doesn’t take part here.

So far I’ve tried a hair conditioner, instant pot, and all sorts of other things the fiancee is mad I’m unplugging :slight_smile:

Both firmware are up to date, is this “normal?” If so, exactly what does powerlifting DO and how does it work? I’d love to be able to run something along the lines of a hair dryer or instant pot, something with an initial startup peak but that may settle down under 600w. And why doesn’t this work under UPS mode??

not answering your question directly, but powerlifting mode is definitely not straightforward, and not as advertised. runs 700w kettle, but at 500w. runs 1000w kettle, but at 300 w. (???) if somebody has an answer to that one, I’d like to know. in normal mode, definitely no surge capacity–cuts abruptly when 600w reached.

Hi @Powerlifting ,
EB3A’s power lifting mode can only carry a purely resistive load of 600W to 1200W.
It cannot carry inductive load products such as hair dryers, induction cookers, etc. Hope it will help :blush:

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