EB3A Overload

I have my NAS connected to AC out, pulling 35W, and it keeps shutting off. When I turn back on it says OVERLOAD. It certainly shouldn’t be in overload state.
The device is an a very cool spot in my house. ~70F

How to Resolve?

SN: EB3A2248003929287
ARM: v2057.11
DSP: v2056.10


@Mrben I will check with our tech team if there is new firmware for you. If I have any updates, I will let you know.

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@Mrben The DSP version is not the latest, please try to update the firmware to the latest version to test.

Thanks, I have updated to DPS v2056.13
I’ll check back with my findings

@BLUETTI_CARE So about 18 hours after the update, the device started displaying OVERLOAD again.
It was still with a very light load of 35W on the AC port…

@BLUETTI_CARE I removed the AC load from the EB3A, and the next morning when I checked, again the system had detected an OVERLOAD on the inverter, with nothing plugged into the system! Also, the battery was down to 60%.
When I disabled the AC output via the mobile app, the battery started charging again. About 5 minutes later, it reported 100%, so strange…
It seems like there are multiple issues with the sensors and how the device is being controlled.

I really like the specs of this device. As a electrical engineer and software developer, I wish I could just fix the firmware myself, but it’s not usable in it’s current state :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Is there anything else I can do, other than return for a refund?

Yep, these things are junk. Get your money back if you can, otherwise they will try to constantly send replacement units and make you jump through stupid hoops each time.
Here’s another thread on this same issue.

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It seems like the unit gets hot when plugged in with no load.
A pretty simple fix would be to just turn the fan on low if plugged in and the unit is getting hot.
If you can’t figure out the unit is getting, hot, then just always turn the fan on low when plugged in.

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@Mrben If the firmware update can’t solve the problem, I think there is a problem with the mainboard. Please contact the support for the repair.

The firmware can control the fan, can you simply create a version that, when plugged in, sets the fan to some minimal level? I’m sure that would fix the problem…

This would greatly reduce the number of people complaining about this exact problem.


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@Mrben I’m sorry currently there is no version suitable for your case. If there are other updates, I will let you know.

Until a new firmware is released, here is my fix…

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Just FYI, I’ve had no issues since adding this “temporary” fan to fix the firmware issue.
It has been 2 weeks with no OVERLOAD failure, and the device is much cooler to the touch as well.

Looking forward to the updated firmware that resolves this issue for good! hint hint…