EB3A Overload Display, won't charge - the VERY INTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY

New EB3A, using as a UPS for my work-from-home computer setup. As reported by others on this forum, I see the OVERLOAD display (for no apparent reason) on a daily basis which turns off the AC output. It even happens while I am working. Folks we have a new device category, the VERY INTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY. Here are my details:

ARM v2062.02
DSP v2056.10

From what I can tell on the forum, the firmware upgrades don’t work and I’ll need to return it. Let me know next steps.

@jms Please let me know your order number and the purchase, then I will contact the CS department to help you.

I bought it from Amazon, order number ORDER # 113-5985959-5416240. This is the invoice:

Is this all you need?

Thank you for your address. May you also provide the world your cc-number and social insurance?

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@jms I will contact our CS to reach you. Please check the message from Amazon or you can contact them directly.