Eb3a overload after few weeks

Is it possible to get a firmware update?

Hi @syl

If there is nothing in the App, you cant update it without a direct update push from the Bluetti Devs.

When there is a newer Version available @BLUETTI can help you to push it to your EB3A

@syl Thanks for your information. The firmware will be sent in 12 hrs.

hello @BLUETTI_CARE can you push the latest firmware to EB3A2228000928354 (EU Version) ?

Hi Bluetti Care,

I’m experiencing a similar “overload” problem, running EB3A 2322001298882 in UPS mode. Running 2 low watt power supplies for a router and extender.

My other EB3A powering my CPAP has had no problems whatsoever, after upgrading the firmware, so I’m hoping for a firmware fix!

@Des The firmware will be pushed in 6 hrs.

@ceartas Is your EB3A EU Version?

No, USA. Purchased directly from Bluetti website.

@ceartas We will push a firmware for you to test.

I didn’t get a firmware update - still on ARM 2053.07 / DSP 2052.04


@Des Sorry for my late reply. Please check again.

Hello, that worked. New DSP downloaded. Thank you.

Thanks for your update.