EB3A Not charging with AC Charging Cable

We had been using this charging station for no more than a month and at some point it stopped charging with AC Charging Cable. What could be the problem and how can it be fixed?

Hi @Ts_Serhii , Is it updated to the latest version? Does the screen report an error?
Can you try to see if DC charging is available? If the DC is available, then it should be an adapter problem. This requires contacting support for a replacement adapter

Thank you for responding so quickly. Can you tell me where I can find instructions for upgrading to the latest version?

This model has on board ac charging and does not utilize a separate charging adapter. The firmware is upgraded in the app. Must have app installed and connected.

Hi, Scott-Benson. I saw a few of your posts, and it is looks like you have a high expertise on this device. Maybe you could help me in finding some information. Do you know what kind of “on board ac charging” this model has? Is this kind of a pulse power supply that receive an AC and makes it to a DC needed to charge the batteries? Don’t you know if Bluetti makes a different internal parts for NA and EU version for this power supply, because as I know it’s quite easy to make this power supply to work in a wide range of voltages (e,g. 100V - 250V).

The reason I’m asking is that I’m the owner of NA version of Bluetti EB3A here in Ukraine/Europe. And it would be nice to have an option to charge this device from the wall socket AC220V. But I’m afraid to fry it and left without any power source in a time of blackouts :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for any help.

Everything I have scene states that you will damage the unit if you plug it into the incorrect source voltage. The easiest way around this would be to purchase a 220 to 120 V converter but with the low price of the EB three AA I would probably be tempted just to get the correct region version and not worry about it. That way you also have a 220 V output

Thank you for fast reply. Unfortunately it’s not the case nowadays in Ukraine, because of the extremely high demand on power supply devices the prices skyrocketed to $700-1000 per unit in first days when massive blackouts began. But now it is still very expensive 400-600 for EU version. I’ve ordered mine on Black Friday on Amazon for only 209 + delivery to Ukraine. For now I’m charging my device with a laboratory power supply through DC input port, but it’s not very convenient, and it won’t work in case with my mom for example :)

Prices started to go down in Ukraine