EB3A not charging using 100W AC inverter in truck, but will charge at 400W AC. Why?

Hi! I have an EB3A that I’ve had for a couple of months. I’m having an issue trying to charge the EB3A battery while driving in my truck. When I’m driving, I connect the EB3A to the 120VAC Inverter (100W/400W AC) in the truck using the Bluetti-provided 3-prong AC plug. My truck’s inverter outputs 100W AC while in DRIVE and 400W AC when in PARK with the engine running. I noticed that the EB3A doesn’t charge while driving (100W), but it does work while in PARK (400W). While in PARK, the Bluetti app’s “Grid” icon turns green and may show “0W” or “265W” on the app display with a green charge running from the “Grid” icon into the “Percentage” icon in the middle of the app’s screen. I put the truck in DRIVE and the app’s “Grid” icon turns off and the moving green charge stops going into the Percentage icon.

With regards to the “0W” or “265W” input charge while in PARK, I noticed that sometimes the Bluetti app shows 0 W input, but it is actually charging as the “Percentage” icon in the middle of the app’s screen increases in percentage. I don’t know why it shows “0 W” though. Sometimes, it actually shows “265W” for a few seconds, but then it turns back to “0W”, but it still charging. Seems to be a glitch, but I’m not sure.

Does the EB3A require at least 100W AC to charge and if it doesn’t receive it, it turns off? If that’s the case, will a 12VDC cigarette lighter plug even work?

Gotta say, the EB3A works great in all other aspects. It charges adequately when connected to my home’s 120VAC outlet and also charges very well using a 100W solar panel. It’s only the Not charging while driving my truck that bothers me.

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You do not mention which charging mode you have selected (Silent / Std / Turbo) and all these modes will consume more than 100 watts which is above the 100 watt AC output capacity of your vehicle inverter when in drive. Secondly, almost all of the vehicle mounted inverters output a modified sine wave (lower quality) AC output and the EB3A will require the cleaner full sine wave in order to charge. In short, you most likely will not be able to charge via AC in your vehicle because the power output of your inverter is not clean enough to operate the EB3a or many other devices as well. What you can do is connect the 12 VDC car plug cord in your vehicle and charge at around 100 watts or if you need faster charging, you will need to upgrade your inverter to a full sine wave inverter.


Thanks Scott for the quick reply. I didn’t select a type of charging mode, so I assume it was on Std, but you’re correct, my truck’s inverter is a modified sine wave inverter. Thanks for solving my problem. I’ll purchase a 12VDC car charger. The Bluetti car charger is out of stock, so does Bluetti have any recommendations?

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Any idea why the app wouldn’t show the proper wattage being input into the battery while using the AC inverter in the truck? When I changed the inverter to input 400WAC, it receives the power, but it sometimes shows 0W, 90W, 180W, 265W. Most of the time, it shows 0W, but it is charging. Is this because the AC inverter is not a consistent 400W? I can provide a screenshots from my iPhone showing 0W and 263W inputs. These are both with truck engine running and outputting 400W AC supposedly. You can see the green icon showing a charge being input into the percentage icon.

If your changer EB3A charging mode to turbo mode it will try to charge at 400W, but it would exceed your truck’s max AC output capability so it would ramp up and cause the truck’s output to cut out. If your truck is driving and capable of providing 400W, use EB3A standard charging mode and it should charge around 250W. If your truck is parked an only can provide 100W AC, then you need to use DC charging instead.

In general, I would recommend you use the DC charging from your truck, especially when it is parked. Your truck’s power system likely runs 12V DC and it would be less efficient to convert it to 120V AC then back to DC to charge the battery, though it doesn’t matter much when the car is running as the engine is supplying the power via the alternator. The DC 12V would charge your Bluetti around 100W

The car cigarette lighter to 7.9mm input (fits Bluetti) is readily available for not too much $
Example here: https://www.amazon.com/GINTOOYUN-Cigarette-Lighter-Bluetooth-Speakers/dp/B09JKMHMGW

My best guess is that the modified sine wave of your inverter is the root of the display issue.

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