EB3A Not charging . UPS flashes on the screen

EB3A Not charging . UPS flashes on the screen. Mobile app error “grid voltage low”

Sounds like your input AC power isnt “clean” or not putting out 120v/240v?? Plug in a killawatt into that outlet and see what the PF and voltage reading is.

@m.briney Hi, I have got similar issue. Sometimes it’s charging, sometimes I get the error. It’s very likely that AC power is not “clean” so no complaints for EB3A. The question is, is it safe to charge station in such case? Is it possible that some damage will occur?

The breakdown went away after the station warmed up to room temperature. I turned it on as soon as I brought it from the street

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@Oscar well the unit itself has some protections built in that should throw an alarm/error code and turn off before any damage occurs which is awesome, BUT I personally like to be on the cautious side so I use something like this at my wall outlet…

Sensitive electronics such as fridges and computers can be damaged in the event of a brown out or surge. And although its not super necessary because like I said, Bluetti’s units have some pretty awesome tech internally that protects the units from these types of situation, but its a cheap “insurance” to have for extra peace of mind.