EB3A no updates

I have I have not had Frimware update for my eb3a and ages
Arm version 2065. 05
DSP version 2058.10

Can one be pushed to me if needed I am in Canada

If needed is the key phrase. I consider it a good thing if no updates are needed for extended periods. That simply means that the product is performing as intended for the most part.

What Scott said makes a lot of sense.
Or you can provide your EB3A SN code and I’ll have the care team @BLUETTI_CARE check for available updates for you. @onknight

I am having some issues with the product
Sometimes I go to bed and when I get up for work in the morning
The unit has overloaded there isn’t much load on it it’s basically a cable modem and a router no more than maybe a hundred Watts tops

Here the number EB3A2240008772064


It seems that the firmware verison provided is wrong, please check again.

I’ve been pushed out a update I report back in ASAP.
Now on ARM v2062.05 & DSP V2056.15