EB3A no Bluetooth connection anymore


After approximately one year of working suddenly there is no Bluetooth connection to the app any more. I have tried 3 different phones but since 3 days I am unable to connect.

Is there a factory reset for the EB3A?

Thanks for any help

@bluetti_wernerconradsconradsengineeringcom So you cant view the unit within “my devices” on the phone that was originally working and “bound” to the eb3a?

I would first try using the phone that it did originally work on, and go in and “clear cache” which can be found on the “Me” portion within the app. Then force close the app, and re-open it and try again.

100% correct. I assume the Bluetooth chip is broken. Is there a factory reset to test first

@bluetti_wernerconradsconradsengineeringcom I am sorry Bluetooth cannot be restored by a factory reset, please contact after-sales support.

I don’t know but I clear the cache a couple of times and it works again. Thanks for providing the solution.

@bluetti_wernerconradsconradsengineeringcom Thanks for your update.