EB3A layout mistakes?

Issues I’ve noticed having the eb3a.

Usb ports should of been on its own power button - when using usb it will suck up double the power due to being on DC. Now I say this because on my other power bank, it has it’s own button for usb. Which does not suck up the extra power being not on DC button/board. This issue is a deal breaker for this unit, I’m sure most have not even noticed this. Take a look at EB55 model for reference.

Eb3a model is way to small due to what i explained above. Especially the unit not being able to auto shutdown when not in use. Which the unit then will die out, if you forget to turn it off.

Also mentions phone can be charged 25 times. Which I have charged mine at 10 watts from 100% battery on eb3a. Phone went from 15% to 100%, the eb3a is now at 70%. That doesn’t come close to 25 charge times. That would be about 3 ish charge times. Unless you are charging a flip phone I can see 25 charges.

Is that based on your own data with your EB3A vs with an EB55 or just a hunch? Note that this is the cheapest power station Bluetti has ever released so this is likely a cost cutting measure in exchange for lower efficiency and is to be expected with an entry-level unit. However, I would find it hard to believe there would be any significant loss in energy without anything plugged into the USB ports - certainly when compared to the AC inverter. In my opinion, it’s less of a mistake and more of a deliberate design decision to save on costs.

Right, based on an 85% DC efficiency rate and a phone with a 10Wh battery. My phone is rated at 3000 mAh with a 3.7V battery so that comes out to 11Wh. If the state of charge of your EB3A went down by 30% to charge your phone then that suggests that it has a huge battery (268 x 0.85 x 0.3 = 68Wh consumed) but no phone I know has that large of a battery. May have just been an anomaly but best to re-test as I find it very hard to believe this.

Unfortunately it is true… Like I described above the unit loses battery more than it should when charging devices which its all connected with dc or ac. When dc or ac is on the unit lose % whether or not anything is plugged in which is normal. There for the unit loses battery percent from charging + just being on. This is why the usb ports should have been seperate just like the eb55.

It sounds like you may have a defective unit. You’re the first person to have this issue on this forum.

Could be. But most people don’t bother testing out the product fully or even think about doing so.

Just having it on AC I lose 1% for every 10mins its on. Having dc on I lose 1% for every 30mins.

The avg phone at 10watts takes about 1hr 30mins to charge. That’s not equal to 30% loss from 100%. Either item defective or the updates are messing up the unit. Every update I’ve done the % would lose a big chunk, until its charged. Which has been stated on these forums.

Have you done a calibration cycle on the unit? If you’re relying on the display to show how much the battery is used it is possible that it is showing a higher usage than is the actual situation.

Which way is that properly done?

Fully charge the unit, then unplug from AC input and put a load on it (fan, really small heater, etc.) until it turns itself off (fully discharged), and then charge it up again. That process “teaches” the controller board the actual charge level of the battery and helps it give a more accurate charge display.

When ac is selected you will lose 10 percent due to the inverter. Just having dc only on the loss would be much less.

However i wouldn’t be surprise if the wireless charger is drawing current.

Also having bluetooth enabled will draw sone current.

I return my unit due to high pitch buzz noise from fan.

Also i felt the unit capacity is too small for me so i decided to return it.

I also have the ac200max and so far i like it.