EB3A is going back (2nd unit)

The EB3A was not designed correctly, all the YouTube reviews are fake and I don’t understand why Bluetti doesn’t recall it and give everyone their money back. Something is wrong with the sensors and/or the control logic. My 2nd unit started to act after having it for a month (1st unit was returned for similar issues from the beginning). I got the EB3A plugged into 120-volt outlet (UPS mode) with a 13-watt light bulb load. I have noticed random overloads and the light blinking. The unit never dies (i.e., simply unplugging it and plug it back and it starts working like nothing happened) but it also doesn’t work as it was designed. Bluetti, please please recall EB3A… (ARM V2062.02, DSP V2056.10)

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Mine totally died after month and half. Cannot get any response from Bluetti. Last product I buy from them.