EB3A is bad and now Amazon will not take it back within the 30 days

I bought two EB3A units from Amazon and both of them fail when using the UPS feature. The AC output turns off randomly. I tried to send them back within the 30 days but Amazon says that I need to send it to Bluetti at my expense. Has Bluetti change their policy about paying for shipping bad units? What my I going to do if my EP500 fail? If this is the cast I will never buy anything from Bluetti!!!


Have you updated the firmware on your units? One of the updates dealt with the UPS feature and may well fix your issue if you have not updated.

Not sure your issue with Amazon, but I purchased an EB3A from amazon and returned it. I received a UPS return label and the UPS delivery person picked it up from my front porch the next day with no cost on my end. I did have an issue with Amazon acknowledging that they received my return, but after contacting customer service (Amazon) I was credited the amount of the purchase promptly. It may have something to do with your delivery location?

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If you are outside of the 30 days you will normally need to contact Bluetti directly and they will replace the unit for you.

It’s just Amazon’s policy. Reach out to Bluetti but I have heard it may take a while.

Yes the firmware is updated on both units. The shipping label that Bluetti send Amazon for me to use to send it back says From:______________________________
LAS VEGAS, NV, 89118-3918

Then the barcode.

When I had my problems with the solar panels arriving broken, Amazon also refused to replace it for me and told me I needed to contact Bluetti directly. So looks like YMMV. That was contacting them within an hour of the package arriving at my door.

If they sent you a shipping label to use, then why are you stating you have to pay for return shipping?

If Bluetti sent you a shipping label, that’s pre-paid, man. All you have to do is pack it up and take it in, they’ve already paid for the shipping. Amazon just wasn’t on top of the details would be my bet. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looks like Scott beat me to the punch on that one!

Another thing - when I had to return my solar panels, I just snapped a picture of the drop-off receipt the UPS store gave me when I took it in, and they had the new set on the way to me within a day of that, didn’t even have to get back to them first. Easy as pie. :slight_smile:

This is not a pre-paid label, UPS will not take it without me paying for the shipping !

Here is a copy of the instructions. See the part I must pay !!

Additional instructions for mailing your package

  • Securely pack the items in a box.
  • Remember to include the Return Merchandise Authorization inside the package.
  • Affix the mailing label squarely onto the address side of the parcel, covering up any previous delivery address and barcode without overlapping any adjacent side.
  • Use the address listed above and affix the appropriate amount of postage.
  • Ship package from your nearest post office or shipping company of your choice.
  • Any damaged/defected lithium battery products (batteries or battery powered equipment) is not allowed to be physically returned to Amazon. Please contact Customer Service for further instructions. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS MAY PREVENT PROPER SHIPMENT, RESULTING IN AN UNSUCCESSFUL RETURN
  • Item(s) must be packaged in original manufacturer packing if available. If original packaging is unavailable, securely pack your item in a cardboard box with adequate cushioning to prevent damage to the item in transit. Lithium battery label should be printed in color

Return Mailing Label

Cut this label and affix to the outside of the return package

Well that’s surprising for sure, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a company send a non-paid return label. That’s super weird.

I agree. Look at the items Bluetti is now selling on Amazon. Nothing about returns if bad. The ad for the EB3a has changed from the time I bought and what Amazon is printing on the Ads.

As I said - reach out to customer service.

But I have never seen a UPS label with a barcode that has not been paid. Are you certain it’s not prepaid?

Enter it into the UPS website and see what it says.

The barcode is just the RMA # not a UPS tracking number. DxW3…RRMA

I suggest you contact the after-sale support email first, It seems they are paying more attention there. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you all, Bluetti connected me after all your help and I can ship all the units back at their expense… Thanks a lot.

The problem with the EB3a is the AC output turns off randomly in the UPS mode. My fix is that if ECO mode is off, the AC output must stay on until the battery goes to zero. That is how a UPS mode works and Bluetti needs to fix their software. I would be glad to buy the EB3a if they fix their software.

When I bought my AC200 I purchased it from Amazon figuring if I had an issue I could just use them for the return but I received a notice that if I needed to return it I would have to go directly through Bluetti. I think I didn’t realize this until I already ordered it otherwise it may have changed my reason to use amazon. Thankfully I haven’t had any issues. I have saved my box this entire time Just in case. I’m sure the day I cut it up and put it in the recycle bin will be the day I need to return my Bluetti.

@hey, Is it in Standard mode? Mine did the same as yours in Silent mode, but has not failed, even when I cut input power, as long as I am in Standard mode with ECO off.

Good question, I tried it in standard and Silent mode. It failed in both modes, it runs my internet switch and other things about 25 to 40 watts varying. The AC output must stay on if the UPS mode is worth anything.

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This is the exact same issue I’m experiencing. Latest firmware (v.11 ARM, v.10 DSP) and the AC Inverter randomly shuts off regardless of the load, even if the load is well under 600W. I did several extended tests with a pair of laptops and a lamp to maintain between 20W and 95W continuously but the AC Inverter claims it’s overloaded randomly within 12 hours.

My unit has stayed in “Standard” mode with “ECO” disabled throughout testing. The UPS function is unusable if the inverter doesn’t stay powered on. Even if I run it just from the battery, the AC output shuts off randomly, turning off downstream loads. I’m not convinced this can be fixed with further software updates so back to Amazon it goes.

I was able to generate a pre-paid shipping label to return the unit via UPS though Amazon’s return process. Pre-paid label says it’s heading back to an Amazon Return junction.

My first EB3A fail about two months ago when I was running solar and AC together so I sent is back and Bluetti sent me another EB3A. I put an external fan on the EB3A and AC output has stayed on for the past 4 days. Now I disconnected the external fan today and I will see if it fails. I will keep you all informed.

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