EB3A inverter overload 1st Day on UPS mode

EB3A just arrived, low wattage (40w) internet equipment and receiving “Inverter Overload” on UPS mode within 4 hours of hooking it up.

Any solution to this issue, or should I return it?

Thank you!

@bluetti_dantinphiligmailcom Please provide me with the firmware version and series number of your EB3A. We can check if there is the latest firmware for your case.

@bluetti_dantinphiligmailcom This also requires the 13-digit serial number of your EB3A. So that our @BLUETTI_CARE team can better help you.

Here is the number you requested EB3A2322001596762

ARM Version v2062.03
DSP Version v2056.13

Well received. I’m sorry the the firmware is the latest one, please contact the CS department and exchange it.