EB3A intermittently not charging on 12v

Hi, just purchased a new EB3A .
All charging for the first few times ok but now wont charge on 12v (through pv socket)

I updated the software …ARM 2053.07
DSP 2052.07
Is this the latest software?

Hi @Lgardner , Do you mean PV charging with 12V? This value is the critical value of VOC for EB3A solar input (12-28V).
12V is too low and can barely be charged. We suggest you use a solar panel with a higher VOC to charge it.

Hi, no not charging from PV but charging in car, seems really intermittent charging.

Hi @Lgardner , Can you try to plug the car charger cable a little tighter?
Or is there a solar panel or adapter, try the PV charge or adapter charge is normal?