EB3A idle noise suggestion


Even in slow charging mode and even when fully charged already, the eb3a fan noise is too high to be in a bedroom (if AC input plugged in)

The fan runs every 20 min or so and lasts for like 5 min (AC input plugged in, however, all outputs are off & battery already at 100%).

Has Bluetti found a solution for this in a firmware update? (my firmware is ARM v2063.02, DSP v2052.07).

Does any newer firmware address this issue? has there been any update on the algorithm that control the fan strategy since 2052.07?

My understanding is that this is due to the eb3a consuming power in idle mode, which leads it to lose enough power so that it needs to charge itself from 99% to 100%. is that correct?

If so, I have a suggestion for the firmware team: perhaps you can add an option in the app for “super slow charging” at 30 watt when battery is above 95% for example. I would expect at such low charging power, the fan will be unnecessary and can remain off.

Just an idea.

Yes this is a known problem.
Some (maybe all) EB3A also Consume a lot of power in standby and get hot.

The Proper solution (implemented in laptops and phones) would be to not Charge the battery to the maximum voltage in UPS mode.

Keeping the battery as max charge degrades the battery fast. also the short periodic recharge is very bad for the battery.

Better would be to keep the battery a stable voltage that is equal to around 60% charge.

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This would dramatically slow the total charge time if the desire was a fast charge. I would think that if on silent charge mode, it would work to slow the last 10% of the charge even further to limit heat.

I was thinking that it could be a toggle “option” in the APP that can be used with any of the 3 existing charging speeds (fast, standard and low noise). So even if it is on standard charging speed for example, it would do 0 to 95% charging at say 260w and the last 5% at 30 watt. Yes it will slow down the total charging time, but remember it is optional, so the user can decide if he wants it or not. And if he wants it, it only applied when the battery at >95% charge.

A toggle system would be great for that application. Selectable fan run profiles would be a welcome addition as well. I have some units that I can select the fan to run at high speed constant on which I use at times to more rapidly cool the device if needed.

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yes that would also be nice

I hope Bluetti would implement something like that. Indeed it cannot be good for the battery as it is


I was thinking why not make it so you can enter any wattage you want.

would be nice to if you can enter any number you want


can someone from Bluetti team comment? can you please feedback the issue we are facing with the relevant team?