EB3A Grid Over Frequency alarm

I recently purchased a EB3A that is connected to this solar panel:

When the DC Input from the panel gets above 25W the EB3A UPS display flashes and AC Input is activated and draws load. There is an alarm shown in the app “Grid Over Frequency”.

The DC and AC inputs are both off.

The EB3A instructions say panels should comply with:

  • OCV: 12-28V

  • Input Current: 8.5A MAx

  • Input Power 200W Max

The specs for the panel are:

  • Max Power at STC ( P max ): 100W

  • Cell Efficiency: 22-23%

  • Open-Circuit Voltage ( Voc ): 23.5V

  • Optimum Operating Voltage ( Vmp ): 19.4V

  • Optimum Operating Current ( Imp ): 5.2A

  • Short-Circuit Current ( Isc ): 5.51A

The “Grid Over Frequency” alarm comes on with a second panel of the same make.

Bluetti support directed me to reset the unit via settings mode to 60Hz (which I think it was already on) and the issue seemed fixed but has now come back after a few days - has anyone else experienced this?

Does your AC frequency of your main power grid match your EB3A setting? If not the EB3A frequency needs to be set to match your grid frequency.

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