EB3A getting warm and fan kicks in altough charging finished(100%) and NO output enabled

I guess the topic says it all…
When I charge the EB3A of course the fan will kick in because charging produces heat. But even after it reached 100% and all outputs are disabled the case of the EB3A is still warm and the fan will kick in every half hour. I don’t think it’s normal behaviour.

Can you please clarify?

Thank you very much in advance!

@DaterTheAndroid About EB3A’s fan problem, please refer to the following

  1. The fan will start when the charging and discharging power of the machine reaches a certain value
  2. The fan will start when the internal temperature of the machine reaches a certain value. When the internal temperature comes down, the fan will turn off.
  3. you can set the charging mode to silent mode in APP.
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Thank you for replying.

But as I states before. The EB3A is already at 100% for a few hours. And it has nothing to do. NO devices connected. NO output enabled. The power cable is still connected. The fan will kick in for around 30 seconds every 30 minutes. When I touch the case it feels warm. So something is happening.

But there are NO devices connected to the power station so why does it get warm? Why is it wasting my energy?

My fully charged EB3A consumes 50W for nothing after fully charged. Nothing connectet, no Output activated.

Not that I know the answer, but it might help if you know whether it’s a/c or d/c that the drawdown comes from.

What Ive noticed w/ my EB3As is when in UPS mode, even if AC/DC is off, the EB3A fan comes on at intervals (I didn’t measure the cycle interval). I presume its related to UPS mode and also presume even if AC/DC is off there must be something drawing down power in UPS mode. All my EB3As are in UPS mode. But logically I couldnt see any reason for the fan to come on if UPS mode and AC/DC are turned off (basically the station is powered of). Do you have UPS on?

Btw, the surface temp on the EB3A w/ UPS & AC on 90-100F, higher temp on the top surface left side.

This is exactly what I also noticed. And that behaviour can‘t be normal. No outputs activated and the fan still comes on from time to time… and the top get very warm.

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