EB3A Flicker Every 30 Minutes Making UPS Unreliable

Hi, about every 30 minutes my EB3A flickers, knocking out my computer making it unreliable as a UPS, which is why I purchased it in the first place.

Please tell me if there is a software update available that would help. If so, how do I get the update?

Serial # EB3A2316001539436

ARM Version v2062.03

DSP Version v2056.12

Thank you!

Hi @bluetti_dantinphiligmailcom

First of all, i would check in the Bluetti App for a new update. Connect you Unit by Bluetooth and go to the screen where you find the current versions. If there is an update available, you should be able to download it there.

Would be interesting, what kind of computer you connect and what the power usage is.



I checked the app, no updates available to download or install.

Computer is a desktop system, less than 300W.

Thank you for the reply.

@bluetti_dantinphiligmailcom We will push the firmware for you to test in 12 hrs.

@bluetti_dantinphiligmailcom Hi, did you update the firmware? Did the problem be resolved?

I loaded the firmware, and so far I haven’t experience the previous issue yet. I will run it for a few days and see how things go.

Thank you!

@bluetti_dantinphiligmailcom Thanks for your update.