EB3A FIrmware Release History

Is there a public document with a list of the EB3A firmware versions and their release dates? Even better would be if it also included a changelog for each update.

Hi @eb3a_user

No, there is no public List of Updates and bluetti also provide no public changelog for their Powerstations yet.

Based on the factory date, sometimes the newest version differ, even for the same type of powerstation



That would be a helpful thing to have but in spite of repeated requests, for information relating to firmware updates, none has been forthcoming.

Why not?
This would be helpful and all. after all i would want to know what has changed or will change before installing the update.

That is a good question and one that I have not seen an answer on

Hi @lambda

i did this request by myself. The only answer yet is, that there is no public changelog or patch history.

Sorry that i cant help you more than this



Bluetti EB3A (European Version)

ARM: v2053.07
DSP: v2052.09

Dear Bluetti-Support!

There is a firmware upgrade for my new EB3A shown in the app to upgrade to DSP v2052.09

For this moment everything seems fine and i am just testing this box in different situations.

As every firmware-upgrade could brick a device i don’t know, if i should upgrade.

Could you please give me a little changelog, what are the differences between x.09 and x.10!?
Is it adressing the low voltage <11/18W-problem or what could be the benefit??

As i know that your standard advise is just to upgrade to the latest firmware, it would be great to get this informations, to decide for my own.

thank you! :)

It would be great but Bluetti has decided that the customers do not need this information or they are unwilling to share it.

If it’s true, that they roll out different versions for different countrys and sometimes individual for special modells of the EB3A, but uses the same revision-tree of ARM/DSP, there has to be some good engineers, that have a focus on the changelogs, but this could be a really hard job!

Otherhand: If the EB3A is built in different fabrics, with little technical differences and bugs, it’s making sense and could be a really great support of bluetti: Serving different firmwares for different boxes for all customers.

IF this (individual) firmware-upgrades are stable and/or fixing some problems, NOT brickin the device, it’s a really great service!

For me i just wait with my first firmware upgrade and wanna test the box as i get it. but if i find some problems or maybe later in the future, i will try the firmware upgrade.

For now i just follow: NEVER CHANGE A RUNNING SYSTEM! :-)

But i am really interested to know, what special changes this firmware upgrade would bring.