EB3A Firmware Changes .10 vs .13

Want to see if anyone know what was changed between DSP 2056.10 and 2056.13?

I bought 3 of these in March, all has 2056.10 installed. 2 of them developed the dreaded inverter overload issue over a few days (powering loads around 30W), Bluetti support offered me to update to DSP 2056.12. That was a non-released build and only pushed to my units. It didn’t help, they still overloaded at 30W after hours to days. Both units had to be returned. The only thing I noticed with 2056.12 was that the power input meter is different, and doesn’t show pass-through power in UPS mode.

My 3rd unit has been running well powering the same 30W load for >2 months now, and today there was a 2056.13 update available. I was over-excited and installed it, but perhaps should have followed “if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it”. There’s no obvious change as far as I can see. Unlike the non-released 2056.12, the power input still shows pass-through power in UPS mode.

Do we know the difference between
2056.10 vs 2056.12 vs 2056.13?


@snowstorm I asked the relevant engineers for you and learned that the specific performance of DSP 2056.13 is

  1. battery undervoltage protection from 1S, changed to a continuous 3S, to solve the instantaneous throw 800W or more load SOC zeroing
    2, the grid charge judgment condition cancellation, to solve the problem of pre-charge resistance damage can not be charged and activated

Thanks for the info.

Have you guys ever figured out the cause of those “overload” error that occur even under a low load after a few days when in UPS mode?

@snowstorm Has your EB3A overloaded again with a low load in UPS mode?

I bought 3 of them, 2 had to be returned because they overloaded at low loads, even after updating to .12. My 3rd is running well for 2 months, updated to .13 yesterday.

My brother has a EB3A that he had to return due to overload problem that happened in about a week. Updating to .13 didn’t help.

My dad just bought one and is running for 2 days so far…

So out of 5 units that I purchased or referred to be purchased, 3 have confirms overload issue, 1 is unknown, and 1 is good.

I sent a message to Bluetti asking them for all the patch/update notes for viewing and they replied saying this:

"Really sorry that we currently don’t have the information about what each firmware version fixes, sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

But please don’t worry, if there is any problem with your item, please kindly contact us, we will try to solve the problem for you."

That doesn’t seem acceptable to me and many others. How are we to know what is and what isn’t being fixed. This almost cost Bluetti a sale from me due to not knowing if past bugs/glitches were fixed or not. If support doesn’t want to release that info, just tell us … don’t sit back and say we have no idea what’s being fixed on our very own product.

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I do agree that a comprehensive change log would be nice, but can understand that sometimes a company would not necessary want to disclose it. This is uncommon as even Tesla or Apple would say “misc fixes and improvements” for their firmware updates, and that’s for a $100k car that your life depends on.

I have had good response in the past by asking for status of a specific issue to see if that had been fixed or not. Perhaps you can try that if there is something particular you are waiting to be fixed or changed.

My EB3A has the same overload problem when using low watts say 60 watts and 10 minutes later it overloads, but I did some testing and if I output 90+ watts it doesn’t overload, so everyone try doing 90+ watts and see if it works.

You have to have it working for 2 weeks continuously before you can be confident.

Did they pull the .13 update? I no longer show it availabe app.