EB3A Fast Discharge and Doesn't turn off

Hi, my unit is having issues with quick discharge even when charging a cell phone ONLY. It runs to 0% within 1 hours of charging a single phone, plus it wakes up on its own intermittently unless I use the Bluetooth to shut it down. I do not see a firmware upgrade available. Can you have IT push a firmware update please.

Thank you :pray:

@HoZay Please do a full cycle of charge and discharge. When you do the full cycle of charge and discharge, please ignore the SOC. Please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down. Waiting for your update.

Hi, I let the power run out til the little red battery popped up, and the plugged in item could not longer be powered. The unit shut off. I then charged the Bluetti to 100% when I noticed that I could now upgrade or update the DSP only… the ARM number is still the same. I also shut the system off using the app, and the system screen continues to wake itself up on its own without any buttons being pressed or button lights being on. Is there another update for the ARM? Or a workaround for the screen waking up? Thank you. This image is from my new updates.

@HoZay I will push a ARM firmware for you in 24 hours, then you can test again.