EB3a doesn’t work as advertised

I have been trying to get a Merchandise return number for the EB3a unit I purchased in January. The unit overloads with my router plugged in AC every time, very frustrating , so cannot be used as a UPS backup . The router only draws 10 watts so the unit does not function as advertised.

I did a reset as recommended by moderator and unit seems to be working now,

I did have to complete an entire “cycle” after the update to get the units to stay at that 100% while in UPS mode. Charge to 100% with no loads/no outputs turned “on”. Then unplug from wall, put a constant AC load on the unit and run it until the unit completely shuts off the AC output. Unplug the AC load, then place the wall charger back on the eb3a with no output “on” or appliances plugged in. Charge until 100% and then unplug from wall. Shut off unit completely. Then turn on your unit. plug in the wall charger until UPS is displayed, then plug in appliance and turn output “on”

Update, After a few days with router plugged in drawing 10 watts on AC with UPS setting, the unit quit with inverter error, there is a problem with either the software or the design of the EB3a for ongoing UPS , hopefully Bluetti can fix this