EB3A doesn’t show input watts

I have a EB3A , on the screen it’s not showing input watts , when charging, but i know it’s charging because my batt % goes up , and i can see input watts on the app , but not on the screen, any suggestions?

Try a full Charge Discharge Charge cycle.
Try letting the battery charge for some time after it shoes 100%

Or if you still can send it back!

What method are you using to input a charge? I believe there are a minimum qty of watts required to appear in the display and if you are charging with solar with just a couple of watts they may not appear. Plug it into AC and see if your input watts appear after 10 seconds.

@bluetti_jasonmcmahon12gmailcom Is the input less than 10w?

It doesn’t show wattage when charging through AC , set to standard mode . But it does show the input AC watts on the app .

@bluetti_jasonmcmahon12gmailcom Is the battery fully charged?