EB3A display stuck at 1%, but DC power out still works

Have a Bluetti EB3A.

The middle number on the display, that’s supposed to show battery status, is stuck at 1% indication, though the unit delivers DC power just fine. Powered my telescope all night last night, though it only takes about 15 watts.

The flashlight on the EB3A doesn’t stay on when on maximum brightness. It stays on for a couple minutes then flashes, like it’s heat buildup or something. It stays on at minimum brightness forever.

When I press both the power button and the light button at the same time, the display shows
2235 00 7005

When I press the AC button and light button at the same time the display shows
0-00 all the way on the right side of the display.

When I press all three buttons at the same time the display shows
5711 5601

Just bought this thing on Amazon a few months ago. Have a Rockpals smaller battery and it works great.
Any ideas? I’d like to do a reset on the unit but can’t find directions anywhere.

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You can find the Factory Reset, which I was about to recommend, on the app. Click on the gear icon upper right and you’ll find it next to last on the list, at least for my AC500.
Afterwards, check for any updates on that same app page.

All buttons on the eb3a trigger the screen except the short circuit button thats how its suppose to work, as for the flashlight maybe you have eco mode on and its turning the light off not sure about that one.

@cmahar3 If you are using DC power with a low load, the battery will discharge and shut down after a while. As for the flashlight, try turning it off and then on again. If the LED turns off automatically when there is still power, there may be an issue with the unit. Please contact our customer service team for further assistance.