EB3A display gone crazy

Hi there,

I’ve had eb3a for a couple of months now, but only used it for the last two days while on holidays. Charged it 100% at home, went camping…
…and on the second day, while charging via solar, display went crazy by displaying many symbols at once and crazy numbers (50hz, 60hz, ac, 888 instead of power,…)
On the app, everything was ok.
Soc was 88% when it happened.

I tried updating to the latest firmware (both) only to find out that my SOC went to 34% after the update and the display is still crazy

So now I have two issues before using a single full charge- crazy display and wrong soc.

Can I remedy thise things, or do I need to send it back for a replacement?

@Phoebus May I have the SN and the firmware version of your EB3A? For the SOC problem, please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down.

SN EB3A2303006013064

ARM v2053,08
DSP v2052,11

Please see the example if crazy display on this photo. numbers are changing. AC is not on but shown on and 50hz, 60hz plus short simultaneously. numbers are alternating… it’s gone crazy :slight_smile:

@Phoebus I’m sorry the firmware is the latest one. Please contact after-sale support to repair it.