EB3A different output for input power

Hello Bluetti
I do not understand why the display on the powerstation differs from the display of the bluetooth app. The internal system of the powerstation uses probably a little computer to measure and calculate the input power. Why couldn’t it play the measured value to the internal display and bluetooth same!? I don’t think you use two different measure systems to get the values, or?

@sigi-und-so The input displayed on the EB3A refers to the power to charge, so when the EB3A battery is 100%, the input displayed 0W. The input on the APP displays the grid input power, including the power of the bypass load.

Thankyou for youre info. That would be not ok. Then the app shows the input power going in to the powerstation. That is allright. The app cannot display the input power when nothing is loaded and the battery is at 100% because there is no current to calculate the power! I speek when the battery has not 100%. Then the app shows at misty weather as sample 4 watt or 10 watt and the powerstation shows zero watt. That is not ok. In the manual is no reading of an bypass load what ever that is.

@sigi-und-so May I know which device did you load with and which output port?

Sorry my english is not very good. I load nothing at that time. That is the input power from a little solar panel. I mean always the input power (I said). ;)

@sigi-und-so If the input is lower than 10W, it will not displayed on the screen of EB3A.

Hello Bluetti Care
thankyou fo your respons.
But that is what I not understand. Why has the bluetooth app the correct charging value and the eb3a not! The same could and should be seen at the eb3a! A eb3a user should see the real charging value. That the incoming power doesn’t really charge (sometimes but not at 10W) the user would see at a not upcomming percent value.

@sigi-und-so If the PV input is less than 10W, the input will flash and will not actually be charged, so the screen will not display the input.

Sorry @BluettiCare what you say is nice but that is not correct. My min charge was 2W and it was loaded. Otherwise I wouldn’t got the eb3a ever run again after it was empty. Because if it is empty the charging via main power is switched off (what a silly specification!) and switches to on first if 1 (one) percent is charged.

Next: If your information would be correct. Why does the bluetooth connection say that less than 10W charges!? And why are both displays not same? I do not understand that silly drifting the eb3a display to zero. That is not correct and rather disinforming the user.

Regards Sigi

@BluettiCare: Forgotten: That information is nowhere in the manual! Nobody knows that!

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Don’t you think this is important information that shuld be in included in the Technical data/ manual and promotion material?

@lambda: But the information is wrong!
The manual should say that the eb3a doesn’t show charging load when less than 10W. And switches main power charger off when the load is less than 1 (one) percent.