EB3A - Different firmware versions on EU (220V/50Hz) model?

New owner of a EB3A here.

Just wanted to ask if the EU models are on a different branch regarding firmware updates?

Out of box the iOS App was able to update the ARM to v2053.07 while the DSP firmware version v2052.04 was marked as most recent. Since then the App is no longer offering more recent versions.

I see people on here talking about higher version numbers and since I’m experiencing a few quirks with UPS mode (currently facing a scenario where the unit shorts out when I consume 400 Watts AC and unplug AC input) I just wanted to know if the EU models are a bit behind or if we have the same stability fixes but just different version numbering?

Thanks for your help guys!

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Hi @JohnDoe , welcome to BLUETTI community.
Our technical engineer confirmed: this version of yours is the latest.
If the EB3A is loaded with inductive load equipment (including motors and compressors), 400w is likely to cause a short circuit in the machine.

It would be good if the EU version gets the latest firmware quickly. Why is the EU version behind the US version?

Thanks for checking back with your engineer. Understood that this is the most recent version for EU models but still wondering if we are just on a different branch hence the different versioning or if we are actually behind in regard to bugfixes. Please elaborate.

As for my “short” issue. I can confirm that I’m not using inductive load equipment. I was testing it with my LED TV and a modern (read: power hungry) gaming console.

The EB3A is able to power them by battery and they never draw more than 400 Watts combined. But when I have the EB3A in UPS mode and unplug AC in from the EB3A the unit shorts. Please explain if and why this is expected behaviour or if my unit is faulty.

Thank you very much

Hi @JohnDoe , Can your EB3A carry 400W of equipment when it is not connected to the grid? If so, please let me know.

I am able to connect these devices to the EB3A when it is not connected to the grid and turn them on. They then consume 400W of power and work just fine.

They also work fine on the EB3A when it is connected to the grid but as soon as the grid is disconnected from the EB3A the unit turns off AC output and displays “short”.

Hi @JohnDoe , thanks for your confirmation.
If so, please provide your machine serial number (short press the DC and LED keys for two seconds to view the serial number screen on the screen) and our technical engineers will push the software update to you.

Thank you and look forward to your updates.

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Hi friend, the serial number of the EB3A unit is 2227002264587

Hi @JohnDoe , Thank you for the SN code information. It will take a little time for our technical department to test and fix it. As soon as the new version is available for your EB3A, we will let you know!

Hi there, not sure if I understand you correctly. My EB3A in UPS mode goes to “short” with a non-inductive load of 400w when I disconnect the unit from the grid and this behaviour can be fixed by a future firmware? So this is NOT a defective unit? I’m asking because the unit is still covered by Amazons 30d return policy and I need to make a informed decision here. Thank you!

Hi John, It is recommended that you disconnect the machine from the grid, reboot, and re-band the device. Check if the issues still exist. And take a video of it to our customer service colleagues, they will send the video back to the technical department, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible, please do not worry.