EB3A dead after one day in UPS mode.

After one day in UPS mode the unit turned off suddenly, all black, no display, leds, nothing. No way to turn it on again. Disconnected and reconnect the AC input there’s just an internal green light visible from the air fan holes of the chassis.
Any clue before I start the return/refund process?

@alemada So when you plug in the AC wall adapter, the screen on the unit doesnt turn on at all? It should turn the unit on automatically…

Exactly. No response.

@alemada hmmm yea thats odd. Are you still able to connect to the unit via the app?

Nope. There is no response from the unit. All black. If I plug in the AC power input I just can see that internal chassis green light.

@alemada Im wondering if the screen has become unplugged… thats a first for me. I am aware of the green light inside, which is probably the indicator light from the bms. Do ANY of the output lights turn on when pressed?

Unfortunately there’s no life from the unit pressing or holding output buttons no lights nothing.

@alemada ok I just talked to one of my buddies and its a long shot but worth a try… He suggested to try and hooking it up to a solar panel or even car charging. Sometimes if the unit goes below its 10% threshold, thats usually held to protect the internal system, that it’ll need this DC charge to sort of “jumpstart” the battery back into working again. So unplug the wall charger and try putting a 12-28v DC charge into it. Either car charging or solar, and let me know if that helps… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’had already tried to connect to the PV200
module, weather pretty cloudy, no sun. Nothing happend.

Tried now with the car charger, same behaviour, nothing. I’m going to
send the unit back.

I don’t think batteries went down because I was present when it suddenly
turned off: there was no power outage at home.

I noticed that when batteries goes under 100% AC input kicks in to
recharge that 1%. I think this continous, frequent recharge may stress
the battery on the long run expecially if the unit must function H24 as
UPS unit, always connected to the AC power. It’s just a feeling.

Or may be I had bad luck with this unit.

In any case I cannot afford that unreliability for an UPS.

I appreciate your help.