EB3A: Continuously flashing "A/C". "Overload" came on initially then went away.

EB3A: Was on charge with no load. At about 60% charge it started continuously flashing “A/C”. “Overload” came on initially then went away.
Now: won’t charge, won’t output A/C. Top panel rear right corner is warm to the touch, this is without any power going into or out of the unit. “A/C” continues to flash.

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Were you charging the eb3a with the provided AC charging cable when you experienced this? Try unplugging all cables and turning off the AC output, and then replug the AC charging cable. This should reset any errors that were present. If the Overload message popped up, I am guessing the unit was too warm and might need some time to cool down. (charging the eb3a via “silent” mode is ideal from my experience) These protections are in place to protect the unit and its longevity. If the unit doesnt “reset” after the above recommendations, I would go submit a ticket via bluettipower.com to get in touch with support. Depending on your location… you can access that here…

Thanks for the recommendations!
I did all the things you listed, however the problem persists. Note the “AC” flashing started during normal charging, not fast charging.
Also a day or two later the battery percentage level went from 56% to 100% on its own, while it was unplugged.

Charging though the DC solar input still works. The AC outlets will not turn on at all.
While under DC load of 60 watts it works normally with “AC” flashing. However if I try to turn on the AC outlets while under DC load the unit will shut down, display goes off DC power output is cut. DC outlet light goes off.

Have you made sure that your unit it fully up-to-date with any firmware updates that might be available? If you have fully updated the units, then I would recommend going to that link I posted above and filling out a ticket. Please provide as many details as possible, and also a quick video showing what’s going on. This will only help expedite the support team in getting things taken care of.