EB3A buying advice

Hey there, I am planning to buy the EB3A. I was wondering if there are any users out there who can give me some insight in the noise levels. I read that some users where complaining about the fan. Is this still relevant or is this already fixed with a firmware updates?

I basically want to use this device as a oversized powerbank and the ability to charge it with a small solar panel.

The fan is still noisy, even in the silent mode. Bluetti need to put in ball-barring fan.

Thanks for your reply, does the fan only kick in when charging the unit itself?
Or also when charging other devices?

The fan noise comes from the fan power circuit and is not the fan running itself. The only real annoying part is when it starts up and buzzes rhythmically for a bit.

Is there any thought that the fan power circuit noise is going to be fixed in the future via firmware or otherwise? Or is this just a “live with it” issue? It drives me crazy, honestly. I can’t even have the unit plugged in without that buzzing kick in every few hours…

Dan I don’t think the issue can be fixed with firmware. The noise originates from the fan controller drive circuit on the circuit board and not the fan itself. Without changing the hardware I don’t see that the irritating buzzing rhythmic annoying noise will go away. I have personally tried two different bands in the unit without much success.

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