Eb3a burend up

I used the EB3A as a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for my Ender 7 3D printer, as well as a Raspberry Pi to control it using Kipper. Today, there was a power outage, and the circuit breaker tripped.

Upon reaching the 3D printer downstairs, I detected a burning smell, initially attributing it to the 3D printer itself. However, it wasn’t caused by the printer but by the EB3A UPS. As I attempted to disconnect the 3D printer from the UPS, I noticed smoke emanating from it.

It turned out that instead of safeguarding me from power failures, the EB3A caused the power failure. Fortunately, my circuit breaker activated, preventing further damage.

I would be interested to see an expert’s analysis of the failure with an explanation if these units have enough safety built in or not. Generally, I expect devices like this to shut down when any unsafe conditions arise, like overloads or high input voltage and I know these units have quite some of these safeguards built-in. Maybe this one has a production fault or there was an external condition like a power surge. Did any other of your devices fail?

If your unit is under warranty you should contact your seller or Bluetti directly for repair or replacement. You cannot get it investigated by a third party in that case. But at least it would allow Bluetti to learn about the failure condition, whatever it was.

Everything worked fine after removing the Powersation out of the loop.
The power station won’t turn on any more and did not have the currage to pug it in again.

It is under Warranty the unit is about 6 month old and did not had lot of use.
This was the first time i used it for more then a view houses.

Even if there is no warranty i would expect any company that cares at all about customer safety to be very interest about buying back a failed unit.

The only reason they would not want to investigate is if this is already a known issue…

So lets see waht they offer… otherwise i think about sending it to Dave Jones from EEVBlog for analysis

If it’s under warranty I expect your seller or Bluetti to replace/repair it no problem.

Contact Bluetti, they would work it out for you.

Based on my experience, early EB3A have some issue being used as actual UPS. I had 5 of them back in March and had to return 4 due to the overload error. My last one that doesn’t overload overheats in UPS mode (powering 20W of networking equipement) and I have to tape a USB powered fan on it to make it work. Once I’ve done that, it has been running solid for 7 months straight.

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@3d2d I’m sorry for the inconvenience. There is another post stating the same issue, please refer to the reply to the post.

Sad to hear that this is a common problem and they still selling this thing…

I was using 200W of power but there was no power outage so the power station was not providing any power.
and taht’s only a 1/3 of the rated power

Rated temperature is -20 to 40C
my printer room was at around 15C

Are you running 200W continuously 24/7? Or at 200W peak?
While the EB3A is technically a pass-through where the input grid power is directly connected to the output, I wonder how much power it draws. On my 20W setup in UPS mode, it still gets hot, hot enough for to overheat unless I tape my own USB fan on it. For some reason, the built in fan doesn’t spin in UPS mode, only when it is charging or using the inverter

It was around 200W for about 3 days continuously before failure