EB3A bluetooth shuts off while unit still powered

I have had nothing but trouble with this EB3A. It was just returned back from Bluetti service because it completely died. They said they replaced the main board but is still not functioning properly.
The latest is that bluetooth will turn off so I have no access with the app. I can physically see that the unit is powered from the display screen and has more than enough SOC. I insured that ECO mode is off. Is there some mode that when there is no input or output charge the unit shuts down bluetooth?

In my own experience with 3 other of Bluetti’s units, neither the bluetooth, or wifi if available, should turn off as long as the unit has power. Now, that is assuming that it wasn’t turned off in the settings of the device.

Thanks. I think this unit is just bad. I tested the Bluetooth problem again today. As long as there is power coming from the solar panel Bluetooth stays on. Once the sun goes down or the solar panel is disconnected Bluetooth will shut off in about an hour and the app won’t connect. The only way it comes back is if I connect another charging source.

Interesting. Its maybe some kind of protection to not drain the battery down.

@BLUETTI @BLUETTI_CARE Is this “By Design” or a firmware bug?


If the machine is turned off, then the Bluetooth will disconnect. Please turn on the AC and observe whether the AC is also turned off when the Bluetooth is disconnected.