EB3A Battery charge went from 22% to 0% after firmware DSP update

Today, I upgraded my EB3A’s ARM and DSP firmware to the lastest available versions v2057.09 and v2056.10 respectively. I had updated the firmwares once before without issue. While this time the ARM firmware update went fine, after the DSP update to v2056.10 the displayed battery charge went from 22% to 0% which is a bit concerning.

I had charged it to 100% via PV and discharged it to 0% the previous day (although it did switch off pre-maturely at 8% when running a 110W AC load and then report 0% battery charge). Today, I had charged it from 0% to 22% via PV before performing the update which brought it back down to 0% with the red battery empty icon.

I will keep an eye on the displayed battery charge as I charge it to 100% to see if it jumps the ‘missing’ 22%. Perhaps though the firmware recalibrated/corrected the voltage to percent calculation but this seems unlikely. Then again, it would be great for Bluetti to publish firmware release notes which might help to understand if this was expected.

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When I update mine it did similar, displayed a previous charge cycle. I say use the app to shut down the EB3A and power it back up and the percentage should be fine. Not sure if you will encounter a problem I am having though, seems the temp error is a bit sensitive and when charging from a low percentage to 100 the red TEMP message will come on and you have to shut down the EB3A and turn it back on to clear out the error otherwise it will not accept any charge from solar or AC.

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I did try powering it off and back on by long pressing the DC ON button but the displayed battery percentage did not change. It’s currently at 27% after solar charging and has only increased 1% at a time, no big jumps thus far. I haven’t had any temperature issues with mine.

Yours did a bit opposite of mine, when I updated the 2nd unit to the new .09 & .10 firmware, my percentage was at 68% beforehand and then jumped upwards to 78% after the update. So yesterday I drained both units to 0 and back up to 100% in case it would help and reset something. I also noticed that when it was full the hours available now said 26 instead of 30 hours. I shut it off and turned it back on and it says 30 hours then. I’m not trusting the display of information at the moment.

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Perhaps they did adjust the calculation of the battery charge percentage then. I’m curious to know if any other EB3A users saw a similar change to their current % charge level as well after the firmware update.

Remove all input sources and use the app to power off the device and back on. See if that fixes the charging issue.

I don’t think I had luck with power off/on with the buttons. The app is the surest way to “reboot” it.

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Holding either of the three buttons for 2 seconds powers off the EB3A for me. The fan turns off if it’s running and Bluetooth connection is not possible until you short press any button again. After I did this the charge level remained at 0% after the firmware update.

A way to tell if the station was off is by observing if the half-spherical blue charge indicators above the charge % animate their way up to your charge level or not. If they all turn on at once then the station was in standby, else if it animates then it was powered off.

Okay good to know, thanks!

An update: I did end up observing a jump from around 82% to 100%, which, even though it’s not the full 22% that initially went “missing” I’m still glad to have seen that the EB3A recalibrated the displayed charge percentage once the battery’s actual max charge state was reached.


Just to relate my experience with two EB3As, I updated both to the latest and did not have any issue with the SOC changing. One thing I did, which was unintended, was to update the DSP first. I accidentally hit that button. Since I did it on one, I did it on the other. No issues there for me.

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