EB3A already registered to somebody else

I bought a new EB3A from Amazon a year ago and tried to register the device via the app today. I couldn’t add the device to my account because it said it was already registered to somebody with the email of j****@gmail.com. Did I get a used one that I bought as new?

Hi @SoBlue

Seems like you get a unit that was send back to amazon or its a refurbished unit.

Someone registered the Serial Number to his Bluetti Account. I think only @BLUETTI or @BLUETTI_CARE can help you to remove this Account link



@SoBlue Kindly provide me with the SN and I will unbind the device for you. It may be that the factory workers did not unbind it when tested before the shipment.

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Is there a way to send it to you without posting the SN in public?

There is a Message button to send a private message by clicking on BLUETTI_CARE’s avatar.

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Strangely, I don’t see the Message button using 3 different browsers on 2 different computers.


PM sent, pls kindly check :)

And replied. Thanks!

Hi I have the same problem. I contacted someone but haven’t heard back . She said I would get an email about it.

I bought an open box eb3a on ebay and it says its bound to another account can u please unbind mine too so i can register it thanks. I dont see the message link on yours, how can I send it without posting serial number for everyone to see? thanks

@pard23 PM sent, pls kindly check.

Hi, same issue, could you please PM me for the serial. Seems to be the same email that starts with a J!

@Scuba86 I have sent it. Kindly check. Thank you.

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Hello. I have the same prolem. Can you help me to. My serial EB3A2248001383339