EB3A AC Power readings off

Just got a refurb’d EB3a and wanted to run some test.
I charged up the unit to 100 percent, unplugged it from the grid and upgraded the firmware.
On battery only…
I plugged a "kill-a-watt"P3 into an inverter outlet and got an EB3a reading of 0 watts.
Next… I plugged a light(off) into the P3 and the EB3a showed about 5 watts.
Last… I turned the light on and the EB3a showed 52 watts and the P3 showed 30 watts.
I would have expected the EB3a to read 30 to 35 watts but it showed 52 watts. Am I missing something?

Firmware was upgraded to the latest that the app would do.
Arm v2062.02
DSP v2056.13

Just tested with a different P3 unit…Same readings…

Sometimes a power meter is off if the load isn’t purely resistive, is that an incandescent light? How many watts should the light pull?
Can you try other loads of different size (100w, 300w) and see what difference you get?

My load was a RYOBI LED light. I’ll try a 100 watt incandescent load tomorrow

@Rdavis852 The screen shows the apparent power, which may be a little different from the power you would expect.